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Cowes Chain Ferry - Hull welding nears completion

This month the hull construction is well underway, with most of the welding complete. External fender supports are in the process of being fitted along with the keel coolers for the main machinery. The car deck is in place having been fabricated upside down in the workshop then turned over and fitted as a complete assembly, ensuring a smooth even curvature - see photo of the main car deck.

Priority is currently being given to the completion of the machinery and drive spaces, installation of the major pipelines will commence once final preparation and painting is complete. Assembly of the prows, which will support the loading / discharge ramps, is ongoing and fitting is expected to commence shortly.

The superstructure assembly (passenger space and wheelhouse) is underway on the shop floor and once complete, the block will be lifted in one piece onto the deck.

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Cowes Chain Ferry - Hull welding nears completion